Curated events in the life of an individual


Middle Falls, Burgess Falls State Park, Tennessee

I find myself constantly filled with ideas.  Ideas about the past, the present, and the future.  Here I  share the stories, the ideas behind the vision of the world that I wish to make real. I actively seek the tales of the dispossessed, the downtrodden, and the unseen in order that they may see the light of day. I base my efforts without bias towards race, creed, lifestyle, or politics. I simply report on what I think is right. These are the stories of my world.

I am also an artist, a photographer. One whose duty is to create the frame of reference by which we may all one day see the world. I strongly believe that this is necessary, possibly for the very survival of our species.

If you the work that I do, please become my patron. The more patronage I receive, the more I can continue to work on what you’ve seen here and increase the scope and depth of my insights by allowing this to become my life’s work.


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