Curated events in the life of an individual

On the lives of pixels.

I am in front of my computer yet again. I’ve had so many hours delineated by 1440 X 900 pixels. I have stared at them for so long that I have come to know them by name; (752,400) is Joe, and lest I forget, Richard lives nearly alone in the corner at (3,5). Richard (3,5) spends most of his life in a grey #B0B0B0, tantalizingly close to an embossed Apple he’ll never take a bite of. He gets so jealous of Joe, whose central real estate gives him so many options. Richard (3,5) sneers from his tiny corner when Joe (752,400) suddenly swings from #000000 to #FFFFFF, sometimes pausing at skin-pink #FF9999 when there’s porn, or sky-blue #87CEEB as nearby pixels Matthew (759,399) and Isabel (755,406) bring tropical birds to life in deep-red #FF0000.

The only excitement for Richard (3,5) comes when he’s suddenly thrust into a fullscreen video. He’s excited at this, but then again, his only chance to shine isn’t exactly “shining”. He just goes from grey #B0B0B0 to the darkest black #000000. Two shades, black or grey. So tiresome. So few options. Sure, there are a lot of other pixels in his lot that share his same fate, but Richard doesn’t care. He doesn’t have the notoriety of Rebecca at (0,0) or the far-flung address of Julie at (1439,0). They live on the edge, so far from the reaches of my eyes that they can at least live their lives in peace. They don’t have to be looked at in their plainness, ridiculed for their static states. But Richard does. Because Richard will always be black or grey, and never anything in between.


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