Curated events in the life of an individual

I watched you in the headlights

We were at the show, I arrived separately from you
Things seemed OK, but underlying
Tension showed up in your face in fleeting
Expressions of discontent.
You got on stage, sang a song, felt better,
My shutter clicked the whole time.
It ended, unwound, we left together.
Stopped on the curb, our cars at antipodes.
Stared into each other’s eyes, I looked for meaning.
I knew you wanted me to follow,
Part of me rebelled.
We played this tit for tat for a while.
You would try to smile, first one side then the other,
Your face half-lit by the street lamps under the shadow of your hat.
Eyes wished to see some return from my half.
You started to shiver in that blue dress you loved,
Worn a year before to the day.
Misty drizzle and cold, I told you I had to build something.
You walked away to your car, told me you’d be alright.
I couldn’t move, so I just stared until startled by your headlights.
I walked away slowly, not sure at what I had done.
Then got into my car.


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