Curated events in the life of an individual

A New Way of Looking at Content: Chainr

Cruising through the App Store on my iPhone, I came across a funny little app with a funny little name that might revolutionize the way in which people think about content creation on the go.  That app is Chainr.  With Chainr, users can create a stream of consciousness combination of text, audio, photos, video, and GPS coordinates capable of providing instructions, telling a story, showing the solution to a problem, or recording everyday living.  For instance, suppose I was pursuing one of my paths of fortuitous happenstance (synchronicity by another name) that I find myself on from time to time, where I follow a chain of interesting events and live life in a seemingly constant connection of one positive event to the other.  This app would allow me to record these elusive moments in real-time.  As for the features of the program, the current version allows you to both save and edit these chains as well as play them in reverse.  These chains can then be shared with other users, allowing them to re-live the sequence of events that you create without the hassle of having to switch between several programs to view all of the content.  I predict that this could create a revolutionary new form of art that has yet to be seen in the digital world: the true stream of consciousness. By utilizing several forms of media in a meaningful and sequential nature, one can alter the pace of a narrative, delineate its interaction with the real world, and offer the user targeted sensory inputs for each part of the experience.  That is an amazing feat unto itself.  Try it out.

Chainr’s development team can be contacted via Twitter (@ChainerApp).  Additionally, their YouTube Channel has a good demo video of Chainr in action.  In no way was I compensated for this blog entry.


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